Our Black Belts

All Cho’s New Mexico Tae Kwon Do’s dedicated black belts that help with classes and still train. Some of the black belts below along with Mr. and Mrs. Farrell started with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho and continue taeching. Below are some of the black belts that head instruct/Assist classes!

Mr. Sean Farrell (cheif Instructor)-5th degree
Mrs. Denise Farrell (Chief Instructor)-5th degree
Petra Soule- 5th deree
Robert Uffer- 4th degree
Kiersten Berggren- 4th degree
Craig Soule- 4th degree
Juhee Patel-3rd degree
Joseph Burkett- 3rd degree
Daniel Lyle- 3rd degree
Erik Lewis- 2nd degree
Felipe Rivera- 2nd degree
Chaz Lewis- 2nd degree
Fernando Weber- 2nd degree
JJ Stubbs- 2nd degree
Julianna Rodriguez- 2nd degree
Tess Moraga-1st degree
Kary pierce-1st degree
Daniella Rivera-1st degree
Paul Dixson-1st degree
Shaleen Dixson- 1st degree
Isaiah Dixson- 1st degree
Jake Hayden- 1st degree
Branch DeMersseman- 1st degree
Victoria DeMersseman- 1st degree
Olivia Rodriguez- 1st degree
Sonya Patel- 1st degree
Seri DeYoung- 1st degree
Truman DeYoung-1St degree
Jayden Stearns- rec
Christina Gopal- rec
Sierra Dixson- rec
Isabella Bilotti- rec
Marcos Salazar- rec
Stephen Tea- rec
Agnes Gonzales- rec
Paul Dinh-rec

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Mrs Farrell

Panthers, Children, Adult Classes

Mrs. Denise Farrell teaches alongside her husband and fellow Instructor, Mr Sean Farrell at their New Mexico Tae Kwon Do school. Mrs Farrell is a certified 4th Degree International Instructor as well as a fully certified R.A.P.E self-defense instructor. Mrs. Farrell has won many National and International tournaments. In addition to Tae Kwon Do, she also holds a Black Belts in Wushu, Kung Fu. As a dedicated martial artist she is committed to teaching and sharing the power of martial arts within the community.

Mr Farrell

Panthers, Children, Adult Classes

Mr. Sean Farrell is a certified International 4th Degree Black Belt, as well as a fully certified R.A.P.E self-defense instructor, providing the best possible training and instruction within Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mr Farrell has won many National and International tournaments, as well as holding a Black Belt in Wushu, Kung Fu.

Mr Dixon

Kick Fit Class

Paul Dixson is a 1st Degree Black Belt with Cho’s Tae Kwon Do New Mexico. He began his Tae Kwon Do journey in April of 2008 and earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in September of 2014. In addition to Tae Kwon Do, Mr. Dixson also has a Blue Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and years of experience in grappling. He provides instruction in these skills to our students during our Kick Fit and Grappling classes which are held on Saturday mornings.

Mr Rivera


Mr Rivera started training in 1999 with grandmaster Cho. Mr Rivera has continued training and assisting at New Mexico Cho's Taekwondo and loves nothing more than to pass his knowledge onto the students. He is a formidable instructor at the dojang and teaches our kick fit and grappling class.